Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Oecolampadius bio cited

I was glad to see my little translation of Theophil Stähelin's biography of Oecolampadius cited in Dr. Verne Poythress' recent article on the Basel Reformer, which you can read here.


Dr. Poythress' blog, BTW, was ranked #31 on Jeremy Myers' list of the Top 100 Christian Blogs a few years ago. The list is not dated, so it is hard to tell how old it is—some obvious changes will soon be apparent—but the Frame-Poythress blog is quite current and full of good resources.   

Sunday, December 29, 2019

A fresh devotional for the new year.

I really like and frequently recommend these one-year Bible reading plans, as much for their manageable structure as for their probing and thought-provoking devotional commentary. The Spirit at Work starts at Pentecost. The Word at Work starts on the second Sunday of Easter. Now I see there is a new one, Sitometrion, that starts (or started) on Christmas Day. Each of them, with just a bit of adjustment, can be taken up at any time of year. Just jump in on the day (you can ignore the year for the most part), then wrap around when the time comes.