Friday, March 4, 2011

What "would" Jesus cut? (Part III)

Perhaps anything that does not hallow the name of our Father in heaven, which would be just about everything in the national budget, you know, with "separation of church and state" and all that.

Maybe the question we should ask is: Why are we asking such silly questions, as though Jesus "would" be hoping for an appointment (by whom, exactly?) to the OMB, or the Federal Reserve, or the US Treasury, "if" he were here with us, that is.

Good grief! What presuppositions lie behind all permutations of the question, "What 'would' Jesus do?"

No, the question is: What is the risen Jesus already doing, and what is he about to do in our midst? And isn't it a shame that we so quickly forget "the gospel of God with us"? 

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