Wednesday, June 8, 2011

With a Department of Education like this ...

With stories like this, it is becoming harder and harder to support the argument that legislators who want to defund the Department of Education are crazy. I can perhaps understand why, in a Soviet-style Orwellian state, the Department of Re-education would want to strut their SWAT teams about town, shaking down deadbeats, but the US Department of Education? This dad should demand a lot more than a new door. On your mark, get set, contact your legislators!

UPDATED: This is certainly the first time I have ever scooped Glenn Reynolds, and will likely be the last (since "scooping" is not exactly the aim of The Year D Project).

UPDATED AGAIN: Evidently the D. of Ed. denies this had to do with mere loan defaults, but again, I would ask, what is the Education Department doing with a SWAT team ... at all?

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