Friday, December 9, 2011

Matthew Schlimm: From Fratricide to Forgiveness

A lot has been written about the disfunctionality of the first family of faith in Genesis, much of it undeniable, but Matthew Schlimm's new book traces the theme of anger in Genesis from its tragic primitive outburst in the murder of righteous Abel to the far-greater and gracious outburst of forgiveness in Joseph's revelation to his guilt-ridden brothers. 

Dr. Schlimm's dissertation will be especially welcome to Year D readers, since only with Year D do such texts as Genesis 4 and Genesis 13 find their way into the preaching rotation of the liturgical year (in the 5th and 3rd Sundays of Lent, respectively). 

In addition to treating the accounts of Cain and Abel, Abram and Lot, and the Joseph cycle, Matt also offers constructive readings of the following texts that preachers may well wish to include in lectio continua (or at least semi-continuous) series:

  • Sarai/h and Hagar (Gen 16 and 21)
  • Isaac and the Philistines (26:12-22)
  • Jacob and Esau (27:41-45; 33)
  • Rachel, Leah, Jacob, and the subject of (in)fertility (30:1-4)
  • Jacob and Laban (31:35-55)
  • The rape of Dinah (34; 49:5-7)
  • Potiphar, his wife, and Joseph (39:17-20)
  • Pharaoh and his servants (40:1-3)

One need only take a cursory glance at the hair-raising headlines each morning to see the need and the timeliness of my Methodist colleague's searching, considered, and constructive work, From Fratricide to Forgiveness. May it inspire your preaching of Year D, and (even more important) the gospel of reconciliation!


jps said...

Thanks for the plug! It is an excellent book.

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The Year D Project said...

Happy to do it! - TMS