Monday, May 7, 2012

Music for the Pastor's Study: Part XXIII. John Lunn

I first became aware of composer John Lunn's work when DIckens' Little Dorrit finally made it onto the small screen, or onto any sized screen for that matter. It's a great story long overlooked by filmmakers, but finally done just a few years ago. Lunn's soundtrack is breathtaking, but as far as I know, not available on CD, just on the video itself. (That's a big commercial oversight, if you ask me. Lunn, the BBC, or whoever holds the copyright should be encouraged to release it.)

Meanwhile, Lunn breathes life, hope, expectation, and nostalgia into the popular soap opera — I do hate to call it that, but we must be honest with ourselves, mustn't we? And what a soap opera it is! —  Downton Abbey. Gorgeous!

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