Saturday, September 15, 2012

First they came for the film makers ...

OK, that's not quite the way the famous Martin Niemöller quote starts, but it's close enough. 

As an Iowan with no party affiliation, an academic, and a member of a mainline ("liberal") Christian denomination — not an insignificant demographic — I know how I'm voting: I will vote for the candidate I think will actually preserve, protect and the defend the Constitution ... 

Meanwhile, here's another home run from David Solway

UPDATE: Some similar thoughts from the always astute Roger Kimball.

A COUNTER-POINT or SOMETHING: Here is an explanation of why this author called for the arrest of the film maker, which, while it may explain her frustration, does nothing apart from offer non-sequiturs as to why she thinks the man's first amendment rights should have been suspended. The obvious question then is, should Bill Maher not then be in jail, and the silly folks at Comedy Central, and on and on and on? Somebody once said the United States is "a nation of laws, not of men." Perhaps they should have added, not of "feelings." O when will the church find the courage and learn to preach "Christ the Offense"?

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