Sunday, October 14, 2012

The state of the nation ...

Here is a perfect depiction of the state of the nation at present. A man in NC invites those concerned for the health of the nation to engage in a prayer walk for the healing of the land, citing 2Chron 7:14. It is a simple, earnest expression of faith and concern. He does not say, "Look at me," but rather,  "Join me, wherever you are, if you share my concern" (my paraphrase).

Then the first commenter tells him to keep it to himself, and cites Jesus as his authority for doing so. Evidently he has overlooked the key phrase in Jesus' instruction, "in order to be seen by" others (Matt 6:1). I read no such motivation behind Mr. and Mrs. Poore's letter. This detractor, Mr. Gay, should read Bonhoeffer's exegesis of the whole of the Sermon on the Mount (Matt 5—7) before he concludes that Jesus wants the entire Christian life to be lived sequestered in the closet.

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