Thursday, January 17, 2013

You know that news reel?

Well, look what just surfaced: this article on one of our D.Min. candidates. The Rev. Cheyanna Losey and the United Church of Woodhull, IL have published a book of members' testimonies which has, in turn, fostered a discernible and measurable enhancement of congregational fellowship. It has been a joy to read Cheyanna's work this last year. Hers is an inspired project, one that will be worthy of study by other pastors and of replication by any number of congregations.

Meanwhile, Dubuque Seminary is a great place for pastors to do a D.Min. degree, and a new cohort is forming now: "Leading God's People: Encouraging and Equipping the Chosen Exiles of the 21st Century." My colleague Dr. Phil Jamieson will be joined by Dr. David Rohrer in leading this cohort. 

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