Friday, July 19, 2013

Status Report and a Prayer of Dedication for 8th Ordinary/Proper 3 [Year A]

If Year D readers have noticed a lull of late, this is due to the fact that I am working on completing the final (but first) volume in the LERW series (for RCL, Year A), and have little time left in which to do it before the maelstrom of another school year is upon us. Once this series is complete, I hope to return to more commentary on Year D, but I admit am unlikely to do so in time to be of service to anyone plugging through the Apocalyptic discourse, etc.,  this time around. (One of the reasons I dubbed this a project is because I knew it would take a long time, and so it is!)

Meanwhile, here is a sample Prayer of Dedication for you, based on Matthew 6:25-34 (8th Ordinary/Proper 3; Year A). I realize it is out of sequence, but if perhaps you have some reason (in this Kierkegaard bicentennial year, perhaps?) to mention the lilies and the birds, you may find it useful. [And yes, the intended word is "glistering," not glistening. The phrase "glistering in our midst" had a familiar ring to it, but, lo and behold, Google has never heard of it, so for now I can only assume its familiarity has intersected my train of thought, courtesy of the Holy Spirit, from the future, not the past.]

Prayer of Dedication
Heavenly Father, what glory you show through your simple creatures! As you feed the birds of the air from your plentiful creation, as you nurture the lilies with water, soil, and sun, so we know that you care for us, and we trust in you wholeheartedly who are most to be trusted. Receive, therefore, what infidelity and anxiety would have us hoard, and reveal your righteous kingdom, glistering in our midst, wherein all of our needs are met in abundance.

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