Friday, March 18, 2016

An Excerpt from Oecolampadius' Sermon 11 on The First Epistle of John (1523)

Commenting on 1John 3:7-10, Oecolamp says: 
"You see here what [the apostle] identifies as seducer [Verführer nennt]. You have, to the right and to the left, such things that want to tempt you from the royal way; but believe me, indeed, he [es] teaches that such things are even more dangerous that want to tear us away from the faith than those that would do so from works. Everyone knows that it is a godless act to warn off from good works, if he even truly knows what good works are; but not everyone realizes how wicked it is to tarnish the faith." — translation TMS.
Amen to that, Brother John, ... and you too, Brother John.

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