Sunday, August 28, 2016

Prelude to the Passion - 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time [Proper 17]


Numbers 11:1-30 OR Isaiah 45:20-25 OR Jeremiah 4:19-31 OR Zechariah 8:1-23
Psalm 68:11-31 (32-35) OR 120
John 10:19-21 (22-30) 31-42
1Corinthians 14:1-40

Our Living Lord Jesus Christ, who has shown us many good works from our heavenly Father, with whom you are One: we thank you for the gift of eternal life, and for the assurance that we will never perish, that no one will ever snatch us out of your hand! What blessed assurance this is! What boldness it gives us to witness to you! Yet our vision is dim and our hearing is dull, and those in the world to whom we would witness sometimes seem to have no sense at all! Lord, open blind eyes and sharpen our vision, open deaf ears and refine our understanding, that when we hear the sound of your voice we will know it and be quick to follow! For truly, Lord, the works that you do in the Father’s name testify to you, and the gifts that you have given us are encouraging indeed. Therefore, draw near, that we, your church, may praise you in the Spirit and be built up in love by your prophetic word. This we ask for your name’s sake.

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