Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ - 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time [Proper 28]


Nahum 3:1-19 OR Zechariah 12:1-13:1
Psalm 77: (1-2) 3-10 (11-20)
Matthew 27:57-66 OR Mark 15:42-47 OR Luke 23:50-56 OR John 19:31-42
[Comprehensive option: Jn 19:31-37; Lk 23:50-52; Mk 15:44-45; Jn 19:39-42; Lk 23:55-56]
Romans 16:1-25 (26-27)

Lord Jesus Christ, even in death, you, the Living Word, have spoken and offered the testimony of God, the testimony of the Spirit and the water and the blood, that the Word of the LORD might not return empty. Even in death you fulfilled the prophets, preached to the spirits that were in prison, and kept the Sabbath wholly, manifesting the grace of God in the face of the abuse and disgrace that continued to be heaped upon you, even in death. Now, O Lord, now that you live again, how much more do we hope to hear from you, from you, the Lord of Eternal Life, and how much more do we hope to be refreshed in your Holy Spirit, to see you in your glory! Meet with us, we pray, in this time and place, and speak from eternity, testify once more, that we may hear and be strengthened in faith and hope and the love of your dear name.  

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