Friday, June 22, 2012

Best movie review I've read in a long time

... from one of those troublemakers over at Breitbart. A couple of memorable lines, from the review, that is, not the movie (in this case, Prometheus), include this definition of the term spirituality, which merits mention in some theological dictionary or other:
"Better to embrace spirituality – the welfare state of theologies. It asks nothing of you but supplies you with whatever you wish."
And this heuristic payoff:
"The answer to 'Where did we come from?' turns out to be some guys who are marginally taller than us and who have the complexion of a back-up singer for The Cure. And we, the audience, are sorry we asked."
Thanks to reviewer Kurt Schlichter for the warning, which only goes to confirm my hunch that I'm not missing anything. This is why I have not set foot in a theatre since, I don't know, Dawn Treader? Yep. I'm pretty sure it was Dawn Treader ... in 2010! (I am sorry for the waste of his $17 bucks, though. Really? Is it $17 bucks now? Sheesh.)

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