Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to all

... but especially to the most frequent visitors to The Year D Project, namely, those in the following countries:

Top Ten (All Time)
1. US [NB: Far and away, the biggest source of traffic]
2. Russia [NB: Recently overtook Canada for the second slot]
3. Canada
4. Germany
5. UK
6. Netherlands
7. Ukraine [This was a happy surprise! Merry Christmas, Ukraine!]
8. Australia
9. France
10. South Korea

In the last month, however, we have seen more frequent visitors from:
even China

But, hey, when it comes to the good news of God's gift of a Savior at Christmas, it really is, "Peace on earth among people of good will" [en anthropois eudokias], no other boundaries or qualifications withstanding.

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