Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tax violent horror movies at 10 times earnings

Horrific as the shootings in CT are, the reactionary inclination to insist that gun control is the solution is at once predictable, impractical, and simplistic. The suggestion made by law professor Glenn Reynolds on an entirely different front: the need to increase tax revenues, namely, by eliminating the Hollywood tax cuts, applies here, only more so. I say tax horror movies and films that depict and exalt torture, abuse, and violence at 10 times earnings. Yes, people will remain constitutionally free to make such films, only — as with Obama's policy on building coal plants — "it will bankrupt them." In the meantime, it will both raise needed revenues, and clean up the culture of Hollywood, at least in part, by stripping the profit motive from those who think its cool to create and feed a culture of massacre, mayhem, and murder. For the fact is, it is not just children who imitate what they see.   

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