Friday, June 17, 2016

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time [Proper 7]

Isaiah 29:1-24 OR Isaiah 59:1-21
Psalm 55
Matthew 15:1-20 OR Mark 7:1-20 
1Timothy 4


Our Holy and Gracious God, we confess we have often seen things upside down. We have made a habit of following blind guides rather than fully trusting in your Word, and have risked fall into the Pit. We confess we have been afraid to see what you would show us, to hear what you would say to us; thus, we find ourselves in a stupor, in a spirit of deep sleep. We have forgotten ourselves and foolishly regarded you, the potter, as though you were the clay; we have rashly questioned why you have made us this way. Forgive us, LORD! Give ear to our prayer, and do not hide yourself from our supplications. For we are besieged us and hemmed in by sin. Redeem us unharmed from the battles that we wage, for many forces and foes are arrayed against us. Nevertheless, we will trust in you to hear us as we call upon you, to save us from the wages of sin, and train us up in godliness. This we ask in Jesus’ name.

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