Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Cleanliness is next to godliness," even if the Bible itself does not say it in so many words

Please excuse this thoroughly extra-curricular post. But I was discussing our recent purchase of a new vacuum cleaner with a young man who used to handle complaints for a major vacuum brand. He asked what we bought, so I told him. We got the Shark Rotator Pro.

After consulting Consumer Reports and reading a lot of customer reviews around the web, we decided on the brand by calculating what I call "the lemon factor" based on what I think are statistically significant Amazon reviews, dividing the number of 1-star reviews by the total number of reviews. Various models of Shark's popular Lift-Away series came up with a lemon factor of around 5% or less, while other brands were consistently upwards of 7 to 8% and sometimes over 10%.

When it came to the specific model, there were not so many reviews to go by, but we looked at the Rotator Pro in the store, liked the weight, the size, the price, etc., and took the plunge. It came out of the box and assembled in a refreshingly simple way; a quick once around the living room and I think we've got a winner.

A winner, that is, to go with this winner, who helps us produce record amounts of fluff and stuff.

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