Thursday, April 18, 2013

How to pray regarding the capture of terrorists

With all the buzz in the media (old and new) regarding the hunt for the Boston bombers, I am reminded of the petition that I tend to pray in such situations, that is, when someone who is clearly armed, dangerous, and possibly desperate is being sought. It comes down to praying Christianly (responsibly, but without a thirst for vengeance) for one's enemies, that is, those who are a menace to society and who may yet to further harm. The prayer comes down to five verbs.

Once those are done and the danger is averted, one can work out how best to pray on a case by case basis (for repentance, for rehabilitation, for regeneration, or for justice to take its course). But in the moment of crisis, as after 9/11, or on other such occasions when a killer is on the loose, I find this is a prayer that can be offered with a clear conscience and a level head.

Therefore, let us pray:

"Dear Lord, may the perpetrators of the Boston bombings be exposed, detected, apprehended, disarmed, and restrained, in Jesus' name. Amen."

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